Copper Fountains

Morning Glory

Copper Water Sculpture

morning glory copper fountain

Made in the UK by Gary Pickles

Reminiscent of the beautiful plant we so often find climbing in our gardens. The 'Morning Glory' copper fountain cascades water from flower to flower. Acting as elegant bowls, the water wells inside the blooms, spilling from one flower to the next.

morning glory copper fountain

Each Water Sculpture is hand-made with great care and attention to detail.

The copper will quickly take on a dark patina, which can further develop tinges of verdi gris green to the edges. This process continues over many decades and continually improves the appearance of the piece.

Complete with a heavy stone base, to enable it to sit either on a plinth in a pond, or to sit on top of a pebble pool.

Connection of the pump is from below the base, so all pipes and fittings can be discreetly concealed.

morning glory copper fountain

Height: 65cm
Flow rate required: 400/500 litres per hour at 65cm head height