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Copper Fountains

Water Lily

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Water Lily Copper Water Feature

Made in Britain from an original design by Gary Pickles

A Water Lily Copper Fountain in your pond, what could be better?

A flower (22cm in diameter) sits in the midst of five lily pads and the water is fed through a single central jet. The fountain as a whole, is 50cm in diameter.

Diameter: 50cm
Pump required: 1000 litres per hour
Connection: 19mm hose on underside of base
Base: 30 x 30cm



Originally a much larger design made for public display, this popular copper water feature has been resized to allow for installation in the more modest pond.

The copper is left in its natural state, to benefit from the constant changing patinas, building up over many decades. This process allows the fountain to blend perfectly into a garden, integrating, without dominating.