Copper Sculpture

Hornbeam Copper Wall Art

This stunning copper silhouette, makes a wonderfull feature for any wall, indoors or out.

copper Hornbeam wall art

The Hornbeam wall sculpture is created from original drawings by Artist Bronwen Glazzard

Made from pure copper to allow it to be perfectly at home in any situation, whether it be indoors or out.

If mounted outside, it will continue to change as the decades go by. Verdigris will slowly develop, enhancing the appearance and creating a beautiful patina on the surface of the metal.

Verdigris is the oxide which forms on copper. It creates a natural barrier, which will protect the metal from corrosion, enabling it to last indefinitely without any protection, or maintenance.



hornbeam tree copper wall art

FREE DELIVERY TO MAINLAND UK (please enquire for overseas)

PRICE £1950 including VAT