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Metal Slatted Bistro Chair

fermob folding bistro chairs

The popular Bistro chair, with an excellent choice of colours in stock and ready for dispatch.

Fermob, metal slatted Bistro chairs are constructed with galvanised steel slats, which are also treated with a high protection paint process. This ensures optimal resistance to corrosion and the colour will not fade in the sunlight either. These chairs will continue looking great and last for years.

fermob colour chart CLICK colour chart to see the full colour range available to order


Fermob Metal slatted Bistro chair

code 12 - Savannah
code 14 - nutmeg
code 19 - Linen
code 25 - fuchsia
code 27 - carrot
code 29 - verbena
code 38 - steel grey
code 44 - Plum
code 46 - Lagoon blue
code 67 - Poppy

Code: 0101

£118 per pair FREE DELIVERY*

available in matched pairs only


Seat Cushions Available!

Naturel Bistro (Beech Wood Slats)

Traditional French Bistro chairs with natural Beech wood slats. Available to order with the frame in any of Fermob's colours.

fermob naturel wooden slatted bistro chair in willow green

Technical information

Natural Beech wood curved slats treated with Textrol ® preservative

High Protection Treatment for outdoor use

Anti-UV powder coating

Fermob Naturel Bistro chair

Code: 5107

£158 per pair FREE DELIVERY*

available in matched pairs only


Seat Cushions Available!

Bistro High Chair

fermob bistro high chair bar stool

Dimensions - 74cm to base - 95cm total height

Galvanised steel curved slats.

One piece crossbar.

Foot protectors.

High Protection Treatment for outdoor use.

Anti-UV powder coating.

Fermob Bistro High Chair

Code: 5113

£250 per pair FREE DELIVERY*

available in matched pairs only

Fermob Bistro high stools from Metallic Garden


Seat Cushions Available!

Fermob Protection

High Protection Treatment

13 Stages - Each Bistro chair receives multiple anti-rust treatments, followed by 2 coats of polyester, anti-UV paint, before being baked at 193°C. Information on the care and Guarantee of Fermob's Bistro range can be found on the following Care Sheet

fermob protection treatment

The 100% polyester anti-UV powder paint is applied on the surface of the Bistro chairs by electrostatics for an optimal coating.

Guaranteed for 2 years