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Fermob Floreal Tables

These are Bistro tables with a little extra added. Not just a plain table top, but one with a laser-cut design.

Some items we do have in stock, but any of the Floreal range of tables can be ordered for you direct from the Fermob factory, in any of the available colours.

Normal lead time for orders from Fermob- 4-6 weeks

FloreaL table top design

These tables go perfectly with the slatted Bistro chairs and are available in all of the beautiful colours they have to offer too.

All easily folded for quick storage, the Floreal tables can be matched with any of the Fermob Chairs to create a set perfect for you.

Guaranteed for 1 year

fermob colour chart

CLICK colour chart to see the full colour range available to order

Floreal Table 60cm

floreal bistro table 60cm in poppy red

code 14 - nutmeg
code 46 - lagoon blue

Seats 2 people

Code: 0230



Floreal Table 77cm

floreal table 77 cm in turquoise

Seats 3/4 people

With 52mm parasol hole

Code: 0234



Fermob Protection

High Protection Treatment

13 Stages - Each Bistro table receives multiple anti-rust treatments, followed by 2 coats of polyester, anti-UV paint, before being baked at 193°C. Information on the care and Guarantee of Fermob's Bistro range can be found on the following Care Sheet

fermob protection treatment

The 100% polyester anti-UV powder paint is applied on the surface of the Bistro table by electrostatics for an optimal coating.

Guaranteed for 1 year