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Walpole Garden Bench

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A generously proportioned, three seat metal garden bench. This bench will not require the usual maintenance, associated with inferior metal garden furniture. The galvanised components are finished in a tough powder coating, to shrug off even the harshest of climates. Perfectly at home outside all year round, with no protection needed at all.

walpole gothic bench

The Walpole, Gothic style bench, is a top quality product, finished to a very high standard, ensuring it lasts for generations.

A British product by Metallic garden.

Length 150cm
Width 62cm
Height 86cm
Weight 31Kg
8mm security bolt holes in feet

Supplied in sections, easy and quick to assemble.




Metallic Garden is a small producer of high quality items for the garden. We don't mass produce anything. Our benches are all hand built in small numbers in our very own workshop, right here in East Yorkshire.


For optimal protection against corrosion, each bench has been subjected to a process of hot-dip-galvanising. This process requires the bench to firstly be acid cleaned, to remove any surface impurities, before being suspended in a molten bath of Zinc. This ensures that every nook and cranny is coated with a rust resistant, protective layer. No part of the bench is left exposed and unlike paint, which thins out at sharp edges, the zinc is actually at its thickest at these vulnerable points.

Hot Dip Galvanizing:

When components are immersed in the galvanizing bath a series of zinc/iron layers are formed with a metallurgical bond to the components surface. These alloys are harder than mild steel and are covered by an outer layer of pure zinc. This structure is unique and gives the coating exceptional resistance to rough treatment - direct impact is cushioned by the outer layer of zinc and the underlying alloy resists abrasion.

After galvanising, the bench then goes through a powder coating process, which includes de-greasing, an etch process and a chromium-free conversion coating before the final finish, using the finest British made materials.

A Powder coating finish is much more effective than conventional paint finishes. Powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint to the surface of metal. The powder is sprayed onto the metal using a fluidised system that electrostatically charges the powder. The powder is then attracted to the metal which is electrically earthed. Once the powder is applied, this then goes into a curing oven and is 'baked' at a temperature of approximately 180°C for at least an hour. The final finish is a tough, abrasion resistant and UV stable coating.