Plant Supports & Ironwork

Heavy Duty Rusted Steel Plant Supports

The Strength & Beauty of Rusted iron

rusted steel plant supports

All plant supports are constructed from a heavy gauge, solid steel, ensuring continued performance for many years. We have continually tested them for over 13 years and none have failed. They are all still as strong as they were when new and looking better than ever.

A British product by Metallic Garden

The 'BUILT TO LAST' range of plant supports



Cottage Support

A simple design with ball finials and available in two styles. The 'Cottage Hoop' plant support, is ideal for all of those worthwhile but troublesome plants.

Peonies, perennial poppies and hardy geraniums are easily controlled, whilst the 'Large Cottage' plant support, is ideal for growing tall plants such as delphiniums through, or offering support for climbers.

from £45

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large cottage supportcottage hoop support

Romantic Support

A similar design to the 'Cottage' supports, with the addition of hand-forged hearts on the tops of each post. The 'Romantic Hoop' plant support is ideal for all of those worthwhile, but troublesome plants. Peonies, perennial poppies and hardy geraniums are easily controlled, whilst the 'Large Romantic' plant support, is ideal for growing tall plants such as delphiniums through, or offering support for climbers.

from £55

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large romantique supportromantique hoop support


hand forged heart

Westbourne Support

The Westbourne rusted iron plant supports are available in a number of sizes and suitable for a wide variety of plants

from £45

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tall westbourne supportwestbourne support

stately westbourne support

Marlborough Support

Marlborough rusted iron plant support 1.8m tall

Climbers, Delphiniums, Sweet peas etc.


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marlborough plant support

Iron & Copper Rose Support

Iron & Copper Rose Support 1.4m high

Perfect for those floppy rose bushes, which are kept under control within the confines of the three hoops.

Each stakes is topped with a beautiful hand-beaten copper leaf.


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iron and copper rose support

Rusted Iron & Copper Pyramid

The rusted iron plant pyramid, is constructed from solid steel and is topped off with four, hand-beaten copper leaves. Ideal for supporting large plants and climbers.

1.8m tall - Topped with four beautiful hand-beaten copper leaves.


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iron and copper plant pyramid

Dome Plant Support

The Dome plant supports are available in various sizes, suitable for a wide variety of plants.

Made from solid steel to last

from £45

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tall dome supportlarge dome supportsmall dome support

Plant Stakes

The plant stakes are available in two different styles, either the cottage with a ball on the top, or the Romantique with a hand forged heart on the top.

Both styles of stake are 100cm tall and available as a set

£33 per set

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plant stakeshand forged heart

Spiral Plant Stakes

The rusted iron Spiral Plant Stakes are alot of fun and dead easy to use.

As featured in 'The English Garden' Magazine

from £20 per set

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spiral supports

Bird Feeder & Copper Bowl

bird feeding pole

Rusted iron bird feeder with 3 hand forged hooks to hang feeders, nuts or fat ball from.

A hand forge heart finial on the top.

Complete with a hand beaten copper bowl, which can either be used for water or bird food.


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Dragon Door Knockers

Wrought iron, hand forged Dragon door knockers.

These are great in the garden, left to rust naturally, or can be painted and used on your front door.

£94 & £85

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dragon door knockerflying dragon door knocker

Leaf Design - Hanging Basket Hook

Forged steel, hanging basket bracket, large enough for a standard 16" basket.


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hanging basket bracket

Rusted Supports

rusted iron

Our rusty steel plant supports are hand-made in Yorkshire and are simply the best on the market. Why the best? Well, each one is individually hand-made from solid steel and assembled with great care to ensure uniformity. Each joint is double welded for strength, which allows it to be be used outside for many years.

Designed for hevy duty use. No paint to flake, no plastic coatings to bubble and split, in fact there's no maintenance at all. Our rusty steel plant supports will look better year on year.

Whether it's old garden tools, or an ancient gate with rusting hinges, there's something quite charming about things of great age in a garden. You can simulate this style by introducing rusted iron plant supports, which soon look like they've been there forever.

The Metallic Garden rusted iron range of plant supports, include original designs for supporting everything from low front-of-border plants, through to much larger shrubs and climbers. All of our plant supports are meticulously made in-house and quality is assured.

How many years do they last? Well all I can say is that we have been producing them since 2005 and the ones we have in our garden, which date from this time, are still going strong.

All copper components are beaten from solid copper and will also age naturally and beautifully.

Bespoke sizes are available to order, prices on request

Rusted Iron Plant Supports

During our busy periods, or with bespoke sizes, the supports which we manufacture may not arrive to you already rusted. This is because they are made from new materials and will be in their natural, black state. The good news is that you can rely on the Great British weather to soon rectify this for you. A few weeks in the damp and the rust will soon build up to form a nice, clean coating, which is pleasant to handle and looks great in your garden.