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Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Goblin & Fairy Statues

Bronze Goblin & Fairy Statues

A range of superb, bronze Goblin garden sculptures.Charming and playful little Goblin statues, all skilfully cast in bronze and beautifully patinated. Also featuring the Goblin's Flower Fairy friends.

All are intended as simple garden sculptures, with SHOWER and RIVER having the additional capability of becoming a water feature if preferred. We stock the majority of this range. If there is anything we do not have in stock, we can order it in for you. Please enquire for delivery times.

Leapfrog - Bronze Goblins

leapfroggin goblins

Goblins at play, they're always messing about.


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Fergal Bronze Goblin

fergal bronze goblin

Fergal likes taking things easy in the garden.


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Sting - Bronze Goblin

sting goblin click for details


Sting likes to practice Yoga in his spare time.


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Hadge - Gone Fishing

hadge bronze goblin


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Woody Bronze Goblin

Woody the bronze Goblin

Whatever next, a weightlifting Goblin!


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Pippin - Bronze Goblin

pippin bronze goblin click for details


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Shower - Bronze Goblin Water Feature

shower goblin water feature

Not only do you get two bronze goblins for the price, but it also doubles up as a superb water feature.


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Fletch - Bronze Goblin

Fletch the goblin archer


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Fairy & Toadstools - Bronze Statue

fairy on a toadstool

A beautiful bronze fairy, perching atop a toadstool.

Hot cast from solid bronze


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Fairy & Dove - Bronze Statue

fairy and dove bronze

A beautiful bronze fairy sculpture, ideal for the home or in the garden.

Hot cast from solid bronze


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Bronze Moon Gazing Hare

moon gazing hare

An really impressive and well detailed example of a Moon Gazing Hare, beautifully made.


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hoblins logog

High quality bronze Goblin sculptures by renowned sculptor Julian Jeffery and superb Goblin & Fairy statues from the Woodland Friends range.

All cast in solid Bronze.

Hoblins Twigg - Bronze Wall Plaque

hoblins twigg plaque

Bronze wall plaque by Julian Jeffery


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Sadly, the rest of the Hoblins range is currently unavailable. We will update you if this situation changes.

The Art of Casting in Bronze

Bronze is a general term covering a variety of copper-based metal alloys and has been the choice of craftsmen around the world for centuries.

This range captures the precise definition of the original sculptures using the traditional 'lost wax' technique to capture the timeless appeal of both classic and modern art.

Bronze Casting Process

Using the ancient lost wax casting process allows the artists to maintain the integrity of their work and to reproduce an exact sculpture of the highest quality. Historically, the original sculpture was created in wet clay, which when dry became the master. All subsequent waxes were taken from this master, enabling a negative mould to be produced.

Thanks to advances in technology, the modern way to produce a wax from the original is to first produce a latex mould, and from this a wax image. The great advantage of this technique is that we can determine the thickness of the wax and hence that of the finished bronze. This is particularly important when determining the weight of a large piece.

After hand finishing, the wax is covered in a fine ceramic emulsion to form a shell, further applications of a very strong ceramic plaster are then added to form a final rigid mould.

Once 'safe' the mould is heated in a kiln to approximately 1100°F, thereby melting the wax and driving off all moisture. This leaves a cavity in which the molten bronze can be poured. Hence the term 'lost wax' casting.