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Olive 'Rain Tree'

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Olive 'Rain' Tree Copper Water Feature

Made in Britain from a original design by Gary Pickles

A design based on an Olive tree, the Rain Tree copper water feature is designed to look natural and life-like. Just an ancient tree caught in the rain.

Height: 110cm High
Spread: 100cm x 75cm
Minimum pump recommended: 2500 litres per hour
Connection: 19mm hose connection on underside of base



As featured in the online home & garden, lifestyle magazine

The gnarled trunk leads up to seven main branches. These in turn are further branched off to give a very natural shape.

Approximately 300 leaves of varying shapes and sizes make up the canopy of this copper fountain. Each one is cut and formed by hand and individually fixed into place.

Through a process of annealing and hammering, very lifelike forms can be made from a plain sheet of copper plate. Where appropriate, all key joints are made using a specialist, hard solder, which makes a union stronger than the material itself. This enables the creation of a piece of sculpture, which may look light and fragile, but is in fact extremely resilient.

The copper is left in its natural state, to benefit from the constant changing patinas, building up over many decades. This process allows the fountain to blend perfectly into a garden, integrating, without dominating.

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