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Fermob Luxembourg chairs at Lincoln Castle - supplied by Metallic Garden

Lincloln Castle Restaurant

Metallic Garden supplies Fermob furniture to cafes, restaurants, hotels, local authorities etc. with a long list of satisfied customers. Check out some of our clients below:

Lincoln Castle - Newcastle Council - The Hepworth Gallery - The Diner (restaurant chain) - Paddington Central - Kings Cross Central - Kerb Food - The Waterway - The Clerk & Well - Flat Cap Coffee Co. - Ginger & White - Muriel's Kitchen - Jenkins & Sons - Paradise Beach - Pho Cafe - Plum - Pint Shop - The Ragged Trousers

Metallic Garden deliver the level of service required for businesses, at a very competitive price. As an authorised dealer of Fermob outdoor furniture, we share the same passion for the product. Nothing quite compares to the high standard and level of choice, which the Fermob factory in France can produce.

Contract sales for the business sector can reap the benefits of large volume orders. This can include direct free delivery, corporate branding and discounts (subject to meeting minimum order requirements).

You will immediately be aware of the superb quality, both with materials and finish. Fermob combine traditional production techniques together with the very latest, high-tech processes to achieve a product that no other comes close to. They pride themselves on this level of excellence and are so confident, that they give an extended guarantee against manufacturing defects. Care Sheet & Guarantee

High-Grade Materials

Only the best, high-grade steel and aluminium, the very best paint (100% polyester, UV stable by Dupont) together with tear-proof, Outdoor Technical Fabric are used in the production of all of their furniture. This represents a great investment for anyone needing furniture for comfort, practicality, durability and style. Eminently suited for public use both indoors and out, Fermob is just the perfect choice.


Fermob employ the talents of many of today's great designers, to come up with ever-more practical and stylish designs. Coupled with the more traditional styles of furniture, such as the Bistro and 1900 range, Fermob caters for most tastes and can create the look you need for your business.

Environmental Responsibility

One more feature of Fermob's practice, which is very relevant today, is it's environmental responsibly. They lead the way when it comes to environmentally-friendly furniture. Using over 95% recycled iron, paint which contains no heavy metals, which is also applied in a zero pollution chain and ensuring that all materials used are ultimately recyclable. Fermob & the environment


All of the furniture is made to order. This means production remains flexible from start to finish and enables you to choose options such as:

1. Colour - 24 standard colours to choose from. Other colours may be available if you require a certain one for a corporate identity (subject to quantity, colour definition, etc.)

2. Corrosion protection treatment - Whilst all the furniture has a high corrosion protection index 13, which makes it suitable for all year round use outdoors, in some cases it is advisable to apply index 22 (very high protection, cataphoresis) which is resistant to corrosion even in salt-laden atmospheres. This treatment comes as standard on some of the high end, Fermob ranges, but can also be applied to any of the furniture if required.

3. Laser profiling - Fermob is equipped with the latest, laser profiling technology. This enables them to cut-out a company name or logo in the backs of certain chairs or table tops.

Price on application for any of the above processes.

Further Information

For more information, please contact us at the email address below or telephone us and we will be happy to help. Also included below, is a link to the Fermob website, which provides details of all of their products, some of which we may not offer on our website, but can be supplied if required.

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