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Fermob Luxembourg Table & Bistro chairs


Available in a Nutmeg finish

Price £529

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Fermob Floreal Bistro Set

ermob Floreal Bistro setBistro logo

Two Bistro chairs and 60cm Floreal table. The Floreal table is a folding Bistro table with the addition of a perforated design in the top.

A choice of colours.

Price £254

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Fermob Bistro Set

fermob bistro set Bistro logo

Our very popular combination of two Bistro chairs and 60cm round table.

Many colours in stock to choose from.

Price £234

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Fermob Protection

High Protection Treatment

the processes used to coat the furniture are similar to the ones used in the vehicle industry. Each piece receiving multiple anti-rust treatments, followed by 2 coats of polyester, anti-UV paint, before being baked at 193°C. Information on the care and Guarantee of Fermob's Bistro range can be found on the following Care Sheet

fermob protection treatment

The 100% polyester anti-UV powder paint by DUPONT is applied on the surface of the metal by electrostatics for an optimal coating.

Care & Maintenance of Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture, is of course designed for outdoor use, but a few simple steps could keep it looking and working better for longer and ultimately prolong its life.

Moving parts - These will benefit from a little lubrication to keep things moving and allow folding garden furniture to continue to function properly. We recommend you use a lubricant such as '3 in 1 Oil' for this, ensuring you wipe off any excess before use.

Should I cover my metal garden furniture when its raining? - The quick answer is NO! Metal garden furniture can obviously be affected over time by rain, but it is much better to allow it to dry out naturally. Covering it with a plastic sheet will only trap moisture and this will then remain on the furniture as long as the sheet is on, causing a lot more problems. Some plastic sheets can also leach dyes into the paint finish. So beware!

Should I bring my metal garden furniture in during the Winter? - Not all metal garden furniture needs protection over Winter, indeed manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that the metal surface is more than adequately protected against the elements. Some though, do benefit from a little protection and it will obvoiusly last longer if you care for it well. If you do decide to put it away, then the ideal storage conditions are an airy garage or shed. Somewhere to keep the rain off, but just as importantly to keep any condensation off.

How do I clean my metal garden furniture? - Use a mild detergent and hot water only to remove any grime accumulated over the season. We have found that the best thing for really tough grime, is to use one of the specially designed cloths or sponges available to clean an acrylic bath. These are readily available and rough enough to clean stubborn marks, without fear of spoiling the finish of the coating. DO NOT use anything abrasive such as a pan scrub, or any solvent solutions, as this may damage the finish. Test on the underside first, if in doubt.

Please try not to worry too much - your garden furniture is made for you to enjoy. Allow your furniture to mellow and and age gracefully and just get enjoyment from it, for as long as you are together.

Metal Garden Furniture - getting the quality right

Patio sets and garden benches, are widely available from many sources and to suit many budgets, but what should you look for to ensure that the patio set or garden bench you are purchasing, is of the quality you need?

The price is usually a good indication. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and with metal garden furniture it's no different. But, when the price tag is high, what exactly is it that you are paying for? Usually it's what's under the surface that matters.

The first question we get asked regarding metal garden furniture, is usually, 'will it be ok outside all year round'? If your garden bench or patio set has undergone a process which will prevent corrosion from taking a hold, then this is likely to be in the form of zinc plating, powder coating, or for really superior protection, a combination of both.


Galvanizing is the primary way that steel or wrought iron garden furniture is zinc plated. This process can protect an entire garden bench or patio set, firstly be acid dipping, removing any surface impurities. The whole thing is then immersed into a bath of hot, molten zinc, ensuring that every part is coated. Unlike painting, galvanizing is actually thickest at the most vulnerable areas, such as sharp edges and corners. This makes galvanizing the most effective way to protect steel garden furniture against corrosion and is why it is favoured by metal garden furniture manufacturers such as Metallic Garden, who use it on their top of the range metal garden furniture.

Electro-plating is an alternative to galvanizing. A metal garden bench or patio set can be suspended in an electrolyte solution, together with a block of pure zinc. When an electrical charge is passed through the electrolyte, a thin layer of zinc is deposited onto the surface of the steel. As this layer is only a few microns thick, there is no loss of detail and the metal garden furniture requires no extra finishing. If left uncoated however, this zinc coating is insufficient by itself to achieve the highest level of protection required for continual outdoor use.

Powder coating of metal garden furniture is where it gets really exciting. The huge number of colours available means that you can have any colour you desire. Modern powder coatings are tough, UV stable and offer excellent protection against the elements. Powder coating can be applied to bare steel, aluminium and zinc plating, making it perfect for any metal garden furniture. The powder is sprayed on and with the aid of an electro-static charge, it clings to the surface before being baked in a huge oven. This creates the smooth, even finish, which is most desired for metal garden furniture. The process of powder coating has become very sophisticated in recent times and when applied correctly, can give an unrivalled level of protection.