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Copper Bird Bath

Hand beaten copper bowl

hand beaten copper bowl on a wooden block from Metallic Garden hand beaten copper bowl by Metallic Garden hand beaten copper bowl on a wooden block from Metallic Garden
Please note, wooden block not included

Copper Bird Bath

Hand beaten from heavyweight copper, this bowl is made to last and is sure to be popular with the birds in your garden.

• made from 2mm solid copper plate
• Weight 1.28 Kg
• Diameter 28 cm
• Depth 5 cm

NOTE: this is a hand-made product and all figures are approximate.

The bowl will look great sitting on top of a wooden block, a log, or even on a wall.

A steel ring is provided to keep it stable on any flat surface and the bowl is heavy enough to stop it blowing off in the wind.





The Process

Starting with a flat sheet of 2mm copper plate, a circle is cut, slightly larger than the finished bowl size.

The copper is then annealed. Annealing is a heat process and is done with a large flamed torch. This softens the metal, making it easier to form.

Starting from the outer edge, the copper circle is then hand-beaten with a wooden coppersmith's mallet against a wooden block. Working in a circular motion towards the centre, until the bowl shape is formed. The action of hammering will work-harden the copper making it strong and rigid once more.

Finally the bowl is planished, which means working the entire the surface with a polished, flat steel hammer, creating a smooth, hard surface to the copper.

The hammer marks are left to show the authenticity of the piece and the colours developed during heating are retained to give a pleasant patina to the bowl.