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Deco Bird Feeding Pole

With Hand-Raised Copper Bowl

Rusted iron bird feeder with hand beaten copper bowl. Made in the UK by Metallic Garden Hand forged rusty iron bird feeding pole with hand-beaten copper bowl. Made in the UK by Metallic GardenHand forged rusty iron bird feeding pole with hand-beaten copper bowl. Made in the UK by Metallic Garden

Part of the 'BUILT TO LAST' range from Metallic Garden
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Deco-Style Rusted Iron Bird Feeder

The Deco-style rusty iron bird feeding pole is hand-forged from solid steel and great for hanging bird feeders, nuts & fat-balls.

The pole has three hand-forged hooks and comes complete with a standard hand-raised copper water bowl. The bowl can be used for water, or if you drill a small hole in the centre, then it can be used for food.

The rusty iron bird feeding Pole has been left uncoated so it soon forms a natural iron oxide (that's rust to you and me). As it's constructed from solid steel, this process will continue for a very long time, giving many years of service. It will also ensure that it will look completely at home in the garden and will soon give the impression that it's been there forever.

This Bird Feeder is designed to be easily pushed into the ground.

Total Height 200cm
Approximate Height above ground 170cm
Copper bowl 16cm diameter
Constructed from 12mm solid steel bar, with 3 x 8mm hand forged hooks





Additional copper bowls available to order

hand raised copper bonwl by Gary Pickles

Standard 16cm diameter bowl £

Larger & deeper 22cm diameter bowl £

FREE DELIVERY* when ordered with a bird feeding pole

* £4 delivery when ordered separately


rusted chainNo paint to flake, no plastic coatings to peel, in fact there's no maintenance at all. Our rusty steel bird feeding pole will look better year on year.

There's something quite charming about things of great age in a garden. You can simulate this style by introducing rusted iron plant supports, which soon look like they've always been there.

During busy periods, the bird feeder may not arrive to you ready rusted. This is because it's made from new materials and will be in its natural black state. The good news is that you can rely on the Great British weather to soon rectify this for you. A few weeks in the damp and the rust will soon build up to form a nice, clean coating, which is pleasant to handle and looks great too.