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Plant Supports & Ironwork

Rusted Spiral Plant Stakes

spiral rusted iron plant supports

As featured in 'The English Garden' Magazine

Made in Britain by Metallic Garden.

Rusted iron plant supports blend in perfectly with your plants and last for years. Part of the 'BUILT TO LAST' range

Tall Spiral Plant Stakes

tall spiral plant stake

Heavy duty 8mm solid steel bar 110cm H x 15cm diameter spiral

Ideal for single tall stems such as Delphinium and Campanula, which can benefit from that additional support.

£25 for set of 5 stakes



Short Spiral Plant Stake

short spiral stake

6mm bar 60cm H x 22cm diameter spiral

A useful support for some of the more unruly plants, which can flop over, such as Geraniums and herbaceous Poppies. Simply put them in place at the beginning of the season and allow the plant to grow through. The additional support will help keep them tidy as they grow taller.

£20 for set of 5 stakes



Rusted Iron Plant Supports

rusted chain

No paint to flake, no plastic coatings to bubble and split, in fact there's no maintenance at all. Our rusty steel plant supports will look better year on year.

Whether it's old garden tools, or an ancient gate with rusting hinges, there's something quite charming about things of great age in a garden. You can simulate this style by introducing rusted iron plant supports, which soon look like they've been there forever.

During particularly busy periods, or with any bespoke sizes, the supports which we manufacture may not arrive to you already rusted. This is because they are made from new materials and will be in their natural, black state. The good news is that you can rely on the Great British weather to soon rectify this for you. A few weeks in the damp and the rust will soon build up to form a nice, clean coating, which is pleasant to handle and looks great in your garden.