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Plant & Tree Labels

Deep Engraved Brass

Brass plant and tree labels, designed and engraved by Metallic Garden UK

Solid brass plant labels or tree tags, deep engraved with any plant name.
Suitable for use in the garden and on your favourite house plants too.
Will last forever. Never forget the name of that plant ever again.

Brass Plant Label - CVD1

60 x 52 x 1mm solid brass

These plant labels will last the life of the tree or plant and will not suffer from fading or rubbing off. The deep engraving will ensure it remains legible over the years.

Suitable for use in the garden and great for house plants too. Never lose the the name of a beloved specimen again.

Single label £9
Four labels £29
Ten labels £69

Delivery £1 per order

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Delivery £1

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