Copper Fountains & Artwork
by Gary Pickles & Bronwen Glazzard


Tree Tags

Engraved Copper Tree Markers and Identity Plaques

Part of the Finch Tree ® Range of Products

Heavy duty copper tree markers and identity plaques.
They can also be used as a dedication plaque for a memorial tree.

Copper Tree Tag by Metallic Garden

Copper Tree Tag

Engraved Copper Tree Tag by Metallic Garden

Deep engraved with any text

Adjustable Copper Tree Tag by Metallic Garden

Adjustable Fixings

Made from solid 2mm solid copper plate, deep engraved and paint filled. Designed to last a lifetime.

Dimensions: 120mm x 75mm

Complete with adjustable fixings to allow the tree to grow without damage. Simply attach with the spring behind the plaque. The screw can then be backed off when the gap has been taken up by growth.

Note: Screws are suitable for trees with trunks over 100mm in diameter. For a smaller tree, it is advisable to tie the plaque on until it has grown sufficiently.

The gap behind the plaque should be checked each spring to ensure there is sufficient growing room.

Copper is a natural material and will quickly darken outdoors. Over a period of many years the familiar verdigris green will slowly develop. The plaque will remain perfectly serviceable and readable and the verdigris will act as a barrier to corrosion and degradation.

The rate at which the copper changes colour depends very much on the environment and is hard to predict.




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