Copper Fountains

Copper Arum Bubble Fountain

arum lily

This is a simple yet striking copper water feature, and as its name implies, water simply bubbles spring-like from its centre.




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Copper Rain Tree Water Sculpture

copper rain tree

Based on an Olive tree, the Rain Tree copper water sculpture is designed to look natural and life-like. An ancient tree caught in the rain.


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Bulrushes Copper Fountain


The Bulrush copper fountain comes complete with a stone base, to enable it to sit either on a plinth in a pond or pebble pool. Simple and elegant.


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Water Lily Copper Fountain

water lily copper fountain

The Water Lily Copper Fountain, what could be more appropriate? A flower (22cm in diameter) sits in the midst of five lily pads.


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Hosta Copper Fountain


The leaves of the Hosta have been carefully reproduced with beautiful deep veins, to make this lovely copper water feature something really special.


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Cyclamen Copper Fountain

Cyclamen copper water feature

The Cyclamen copper fountain comes complete with a stone base, to enable it to sit either on a plinth in a pond, or directly onto a pebble pool. Six flowers gently trickle water onto the leaves below.


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Castor Oil Tree Fountain

castoir oil tree

Six leaves, all with water fed to them. making this a very busy fountain with multiple streams of water falling from each leaf.


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Fig Leaf Copper Fountain

fig leaf copper fountain

The Fig Leaf copper fountain consists of 3 hand-beaten copper leaves, the shape taken from the Brown Turkey Fig Tree.


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Sunflower Copper Fountain

sunflower copper fountain

The Sunflower copper fountain has been beautifully created here. A lace like curtain of water falls gently onto the three heart-shaped leaves, capturing and channeling its flow.


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Morning Glory Copper Fountain

morning glory copper fountain

Stylised and reminiscent of the beautiful plant we so often find climbing in our gardens. The 'Morning Glory' copper fountain cascades water from flower to flower. Acting as elegant bowls, the water wells inside the blooms, spilling from one flower to the next


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Water Reed Copper Fountain

water reed

Water Reed Copper Water Sculpture

This copper fountain looks very natural in a pond and creates a lovely, gentle background sound of trickling water


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Passion Flower Copper Fountain

passion flower

The sound generated both by the water and by the copper leaves gently resonating is almost musical.


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Norway Maple Copper Fountain 1m

Norway Maple copper fountainA spectacular water feature and really has to be seen to be believed.

Simply stunning!


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Norway Maple Copper Fountain 1.5m

norway mapleLike its baby brother above, this are very large and spectacular water feature and really have to be seen to be believed.



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