Copper Fountains & Artwork
by Gary Pickles & Bronwen Glazzard

Copper Founatins


© Copyright Metallic Garden

Copper Cyclamen Water Feature

Made in Britain from an original design by Gary Pickles

These delicate flowers make a copper fountain suitable for even the smallest of ponds. The slow trickle of water gently falls from the five flowers onto the rosette of leaves surrounding them on the base.

Complete with a stone base, to allow it to sit either on a plinth in a pond, or directly onto a pebble pool.

Height: 40cm
6 x copper flowers
Stone Base: 30 x 30cm
Flow rate required: 200/300 litres per hour at 40cm head height
Connection: 19mm hose on underside of base
Minimum pond size: 40cm diameter




The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that some of these have 5 flowers and some 6. There was room for the additional flower, so it was added to increase water flow. The pictures were so good though, I just didn't have the heart to delete them.

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