Copper Fountains & Artwork
by Gary Pickles & Bronwen Glazzard

Copper Fountains


© Copyright Metallic Garden

Sunflower Copper Water Feature

Made in Britain from an original design by Gary Pickles

All of our copper fountains are handmade, with great care and attention to detail.

As with all of our copper fountains, the copper will quickly take on a dark patina, which can further develop tinges of verdi-gris green to the edges. This process continues over many decades and continually improves the appearance of the piece.

Height: 50cm
Flow rate required: 800-1000 litres/hour at 50cm head height
Pump rating: 1500 litres
Connection: 19mm hose on underside of base



Through a process of annealing and hammering, very lifelike forms can be made from a plain sheet of copper plate. Where appropriate, all key joints are made using a specialist, hard solder, which makes a union stronger than the material itself. This enables the creation of a piece of sculpture, which may look light and fragile, but is in fact extremely resilient.

The copper is left in its natural state, to benefit from the constant changing patinas, building up over many decades. This process allows the fountain to blend perfectly into a garden, integrating, without dominating.

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